Brian Burg

Seattle-based hacker, designer and researcher. PhD student at the University of Washington. I make tools that help people debug their programs more effectively.

# Current Projects

Probes: a new navigation strategy for interactive record/replay systems. Users can go back-in-time to any logged output, or retroactively add new logging statements.

Dolos: a modern, low-overhead deterministic replay infrastructure for capturing web application behavior, integrated with the WebKit Web Inspector.

WebKit: I am a committer on the WebKit project, with a focus on developer tooling. Lately, I have focused on refining and upstreaming the Dolos replay infrastructure.

# Past Projects

Timelapse: the first integrated user interface for deterministic record/replay for interactive web applications. This interface has been superseded by Probes.

Servo: a research browser written in Rust that explores new ways to parallelize, decompose, and secure a rendering engine for web content. I stood up the current layout subsystem (block/inline/text layout), and worked on many other things.

C3: a research infrastructure for extensible, type-safe web browsers. I wrote a rendering engine for inlines, blocks, floats, and tables in C#.

# Publications

Brian Burg, Richard Bailey, Andrew J. Ko, Michael D. Ernst. Interactive record/replay for web application debugging. Presented at UIST 2013.

Gregor Richards, Christian Hammer, Brian Burg, Jan Vitek. The eval that men do: a large-scale study of the use of eval in JavaScript applications. Presented at ECOOP 2011.

Benjamin S. Lerner, Brian Burg, Herman Venter, Wolfram Schulte. C3: An experimental, extensible, reconfigurable platform for HTML-based applications. Presented at WebApps 2011.

Gregor Richards, Sylvain Lebresne, Brian Burg, Jan Vitek. An analysis of the dynamic behavior of JavaScript programs. Presented at PLDI 2010.